Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1

Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1
Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1 | US$7,500.00 |

it is like every dude dream to be a race car driver. aspiring Formula 1 racer often kick off their career with go-karting which the machine itself can be easily acquired from almost any go-kart suppliers. as for Rally fans, you can pick up a kit such as this Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1 for just $7,500. California-based Formula Cross is now accepting pre-orders for the YFC 450 Series 1 but first, you have put down a good $2,500 deposit for it but it is worthy to note that the full price of 7.5Gs is for the kit only which requires some serious work before you can put it on the dirt. if DIY is your favored route, there is a “easy step-by-step installation” manual to assist you in putting the kit together. however, if you have another $1,350 to spare, you might want to consider letting the folks over at Formula Cross piece them together for you. the latter is recommended for those who are less technically inclined. some of the features include a blank fiberglass body that you can unleash your design talent on, AeroCatch body latches, a Series 1 FormulaCross rally wing, a hinging door for ease of access into the vehicle, a front bumper urethane lip, a fiberglass racing seat with adjustable seat slider, four-point harnesses, a safety window net, a set of powercoated roll cage with roll bar pads, electric start, disc brakes with a bias adjustable brake system, a sequential hand shift, adjustable front sway bar, and a racing steering wheel. video and pics for your viewing pleasure after the break.

$7,500Formula Cross via Autoblog

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