Yamaha Introduces New Electric Drive Outboard Motors, Including A New Saltwater Model

Try hunting for ducks in a swampy locale on a boat and you will find yourself paddling much of the way for fear of making too much of your presence known. But you really don’t have to – if you slap on the new electric drive range of outboard motors from Yamaha to your watercraft.

Believe It Or Not, Yamaha Has Been Making Electric Bicycles For 25 Years

Yamaha makes everything from musical instruments to audio equipment to motorcycles, but do you know, this Japanese multinational corporation also makes electric bicycle, or power assist bicycle? Yes, they do. In fact, the company made the first as far back as 1993 and has been doing so since. While it is not new, it is […]

Yamaha Has A Budget Sound Bar That Is Big On Sound

These days, budget sound bar is all the rage. Polk Audio has it. Vizio has a few of them. More recently, we saw SONOS introducing one and now, it’s Yamaha’s turn. Meet the Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar, the newest sound bar from the multidisciplinary multinational corporation. The YAS-108 is a follow up to the YAS-106 […]

Yamaha TSX-B232 Desktop Audio System

still fervent about Apple’s 30-pin dock connector? well, Yamaha has just the right stuff for you. announced recently, the Yamaha TSX-B232 Desktop Audio System is one new kid on the block that still offers a 30-pin dock connector and pushes out a good 30W of audio goodness via its dual 8 cm fill-range drivers. of course…

Yamaha PRO Series Headphones

music fans, avid headphones users in particular, falls into two camps: the casual listener who couldn’t care less if they are listening to some cheap cans they stole from their last flight from Japan, and those who demand the very best in audio reproduction. regardless of which camp you swear allegiance to, the choices are abundance but…

Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1

it is like every dude dream to be a race car driver. aspiring Formula 1 racer often kick off their career with go-karting which the machine itself can be easily acquired from almost any go-kart suppliers. as for Rally fans, you can pick up a kit such as this Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1 for just $7,500. California-based Formula Cross is now accepting…