Can inflatable boats ever be stylish? Well, they apparently can, according to Yamaha Motor and its new YAM inflatable boat range for 2020. If we can be honest, we attribute to the awesome photography that drew us to them.

The new YAM range consists of the T-series (Tenders), S-series (Sport), STi-series (Sport Tenders). They will be sold alongside the TA Aluminum R.I.Bs series as part of the YAM product range with no change in design.

2020 Yamaha YAM Inflatable Boats

We noted that select models are, of course, suited for use with the new Yamaha Electric Drive range of motors.

There are two models in the T-series, namely, YAM 200T and 240T. The T-series is a tough but slim runabouts suitable for small boat tender duties. In addition to being inflatable, it has slatted floor for easy roll up.

The small and lightweight nature allows the T-series to be stowed in a boat locker, car trunk, or get this, even a cabinet in your home.

The S-series comprises of the 275S, 310S, 340S and 380S. Designed with camping trips, water sports, family holidays, or as a tenders to a larger vessel, the S-series features a sturdy floor of aluminum panels, an inflatable keel for improved steering and a dedicated storage strap for oars.

Finally, there is the STi-series which combines the best of S- and T-series.

The range has three models: 240STi, 275STi and 310STi-V. Key features include strong D-rings, secure, integral tank holder, reinforced PVC-coated transom, with the 310STi-V further features special inflatable keel and V-hull design for added control and handling stability.

For pricing, you have to reach out to Yamaha dealers near you.

2020 Yamaha YAM Inflatable Boats

All images courtesy of Yamaha Motor Europe.

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