We have some pretty amazing cake of art here, but this one here is some next level shit. What you see here is a cake. No kidding. It is a cake. It was made by one Jane (@fancifulcakes) for her office Valentine’s Day party. Wait… they have a party for that too? Hmmm. What has the world become?

Anywho, the cake was sculptured to resemble an open book – complete with passage pulled from Edgar Allen Poe’s short short The Tell-Tale Heart, plus one unexpected topping: a heart that appears to be alive – thanks to the beating motion.

Tell-Tale Heart Cake With Beating Heart

How the “heart” pumps is unknown. This is truly some next level of cake making. I’d say it even beats the pimple-popping cake.

Video after the break. Be warned, though, anyone who is easily creep out by blood and organs, even if they are totally fake (and in this case edible), should look away.

And yes, Jane assures that it is an actual cake. The lady herself commented just a few hours ago, on Instagram, that she will post some pictures of cutting the cake as a proof that it is in fact a cake. I wonder if the heart will “bleed” when cut?

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Images: YouTube (Alasdair Martin).

Source: Laughing Squid.

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