If you are a superfan of Ghostbusters, you probably would have heard of this back in March but if you haven’t, well then now you have (or are about to hear about it). The Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smasher from the 2020 Ghostbusters x Reebok Collection has returned.

2022 Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smasher Shoes

Celebrating the digital debut on January 4th and 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD debut of Ghostbusters: Afterlife on February 1st, the American outfit has once again partnered with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to release a special edition Ghost Smasher (Ectoplasm).

At a glance, it looks like an outright reissue of the pair revealed in 2020 but it actually has some changes. The new Ghost Smasher, which is referred to as the “Ectoplasm” edition (GX1648), is rocking a distressed upper as a nod to the rusted-out Ecto-1 as seen in the new Ghostbusters flick.

2022 Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smasher Shoes

Another key change is the addition of the glow-in-the-dark feature which can be found on the detachable proton back on the heel as well as on the tongue detailing.

As before, the new Ghost Smasher comes in repurposed OG Pump packaging from the 80s. On the box, “Less talk… …more busting” is written over the classic Reebok logo while “This is how it ends” nods to the ominous Ghostbusters theme.

2022 Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smasher Shoes

The Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smasher (Ectoplasm) Shoes was available since March 16, exclusively for Reebok UNLOCKED members on www.reebok.com/ghoshtbusters in unisex sizing.

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Unfortunately, it appears to be sold out stateside (oops). But we saw that Reebok Portugal has stock for select sizes, with each pair going for €200 (US$193). You can also find folks selling it on GOAT.com for US$254-305.

In related news… while the 2022 Ghost Smasher is no longer on Reebok.com, you may want to know that the equally cool Ghostbusters Ecto Boots are still available at 15% less (US$144.97).

Reebok Ghostbusters Ecto Boots
Reebok Ghostbusters Ecto Boots

All images courtesy of Reebok.

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