PlayStation VR2 Virtual Reality Gaming System

The next generation of immersive gaming from PlayStation is set to arrive in early 2023. Meanwhile, Sony has offered a new product video detailing what to expect from the new PlayStation VR2 aka PS VR2. I know it’s a little overdue but it is finally happening.

PlayStation VR2 Virtual Reality Gaming System

The new PlayStation VR2 will be accompanied by a new VR controller, the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller which itself boasts a number of innovations, including finger-touch detection for tactile interaction, haptic feedback responding to your actions, and adaptive triggers that let you feel the tension such as when drawing a bow and arrow.

The headset itself boasts a 4K HDR display produced through two 2,000 x 2,040 OLED displays, 110° Field of View for deep visual immersion, eye-tracking that detects and follows your vision, Foveated rendering focuses on vivid details, tempest 3D audiotech (USB stereo headphones required) creates realistic soundscapes, and headset feedback for even greater sensory immersion.

PlayStation VR2 Virtual Reality Gaming System

The new PSVR further touts headset-based controller tracking, enabled by the integrated cameras in the VR headset. This means it allows movements and direction you look to be reflected in-game without the need for an external camera. However, it does have embedded front cameras that afford a new, very cool feature: the see-through view.

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With the see-through feature, you can see where the PS VR2 Sense controllers are, for example, without removing the headset. All it takes to activate the see-through mode is a press of the function button, or use the Card in the Control Center. Like, how cool is that?

The embedded cameras are not capable of recording, btw, you know, for privacy reasons. The cameras also let you scan a room to customize a play area and warn you when you get close to the play area’s boundary.

Unfortunately, though, as good as it sounds, PS VR2 isn’t standalone. A PS5 console will be required to use it. Speaking of PS5, when connected to the PS5 HD Camera, you can record yourself playing. Though it is not clear if live streaming is supported (likely it is because it is 2022).

PlayStation VR2 Virtual Reality Gaming System

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the new PlayStation VR2 Virtual Reality Gaming System HERE, HERE, and HERE, and also take a look at the aforementioned video after the break.

All images courtesy of PlayStation.