Imagine this. You were out taking on the mega waves and got knocked out of your surfboard. Your head hits the board and you get knocked out cold, leaving your face in the water and drowning every second. The Wuanap you see here is designed to save you from that.

Wuanap Smart LifeCollar Prevents Drowning

Described as a Smart LifeCollar, Wuanap inflates automatically when it detects the wearer is unconscious. The inflated Wuanap is like a miniature life preserver that goes around the user’s neck that lifts the user’s mouth and nose away from the water so he or she can breathe naturally even when unconscious. Here’s how it works:

“Wuanap is a comfortable neoprene life-saving collar with a motherboard equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. Coordinated by a complex algorithm, it detects a person’s patterns in the water in dangerous situations and inflates automatically in a fraction of a second. We designed this flotation device to ensure that it always keeps the wearer’s nose and mouth above the surface of the water, even if the wearer is unconscious or unable to move.”

Wuanap Smart LifeCollar Prevents Drowning

The device will activate in several scenarios, including unconsciousness, immobility, panic attack, seizure, breath-holding test, and it can also be triggered with the panic button or screaming underwater.

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An audible alert (can you hear that underwater?) will sound for 5 seconds before it activates. During this duration, if you are not in danger, you can manually override it by moving around, or pressing the button on the collar.

Wuanap Smart LifeCollar Prevents Drowning

The Wuanap is really a potentially life-saving device that needs to be made. And it can become a reality if you chip in by backing it on Indiegogo. It won’t be cheap, though. It will run you back at €159 (or about US$180) or more. Then again, the price is nothing compared to a life. Innit?

However, we have to remind you that this is a crowdfunding campaign and as such it does have its risks. So, be sure to do your own due diligence and exercise your own judgment before taking the dive.

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All images courtesy of Wuanap.

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