With our insatiable appetite for high-definition contents, we are not surprise that most computer users are suffering from serious storage crunch, but then why not an upgrade? The answer is probably price. SSD may been the favored storage that carries some pretty ridiculous price points, but high-capacity HDD’s sticker is not exactly affordable either. But that’s going change with the Seagate 8TB Internal Hard Drive (ST8000AS0002). Yes. 8 Terabyte, which should last you quite a while. According to a report, this enormous capacity internal storage solution has already been shipped out to retailers, so if you’re looking at upping your PC’s hard drive capacity, make sure you poke your local shops around a little.

Exist as part of hard disk maker’s new Archive HDD line, the massive storage is made possible by Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology that enables more data to be packed onto a platter (learn more in the video below). As for the price, it will only set you back at $260, which is significantly cheaper current horde of 1TB capacity SSD. Of course, it comes with a caveat and that’s speed related. The Seagate 8TB Internal Hard Drive gets up to 150MB/s read speed, as opposed to current SSD typical speed of 550MB/s. So if you speed is no object for you, at $260, it is definitely worth considering. If that seems unjustifiable to you still, just remind yourself that you’re looking at a hard drive that asking for 3 cents per gigabyte.

via Engadget

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