Seagate’s New Duet 1TB Hard Drive Syncs Automatically To Amazon Cloud

Cloud storage and local storage solution by the way of portable hard drive have their pros and cons. Cloud is convenient, but you will be at the mercy of connectivity. Hardware solution, on the other hand, will not be at the mercy of connectivity, but you will have to have the physical device with you. […]

Behold! The World’s Highest Capacity SSD Now Stands At A Whopping 60TB!

You know what was the craziest thing to happen in computer technology earlier this year? A 16TB SSD. And do you know what’s the biggest news today in computer technology? A 60TB SSD. That’s right sixty terabytes. To put things in perspective, that’s a drive that could potentially accommodate up to 12,000 DVD movies, or […]

At 7mm, Seagate’s Seven Is The World’s Slimmest 500GB Portable Hard Drive

If the form factor of a portable hard drive has been bothering you, then you might want to check out the Seagate Seven Portable Hard Drive (officially, called Sevenmm). Announced at the International CES 2105 in Las Vegas, the Seven stakes the claim as the slimmest 500GB portable hard drive the world, measuring an incredibly […]

Seagate’s Massive 8TB HDD Will Solve Your Storage Crunch Without Breaking Your Bank

With our insatiable appetite for high-definition contents, we are not surprise that most computer users are suffering from serious storage crunch, but then why not an upgrade? The answer is probably price. SSD may been the favored storage that carries some pretty ridiculous price points, but high-capacity HDD’s sticker is not exactly affordable either. But […]

Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive

even with up 64GB on your mobile device, the storage is always never enough – not even when you throw in the SD card if your device supports them – if you have an insatiable appetite for digital medias and frankly, who doesn’t? really. the obvious solution is to go with external portables such as the Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive which not only offers

Seagate Central Shared Storage

the problem with today’s backup solutions is they just back them up. so if you are looking for a device that does more than just backing things up or one that does back up across both Mac OS X and Windows platforms or backing up multiple devices, then look no further than the Seagate Central Shared Storage. the Seagate Central is essentially a shared…