Seagate 60TB 3.5-inch SAS Solid State Drive

You know what was the craziest thing to happen in computer technology earlier this year? A 16TB SSD. And do you know what’s the biggest news today in computer technology? A 60TB SSD. That’s right sixty terabytes. To put things in perspective, that’s a drive that could potentially accommodate up to 12,000 DVD movies, or more photos than you and I can view in a lifetime. Yes. A whopping storage capacity and on a reliable and fastest storage architecture known to man (for now). Granted, physically, it is not as tiny as the Samsung’s PM1633a 2.5-inch form factor; Seagate’s SSD juggernaut comes in at 3.5-inch and like the PM1633a, it is not for regular folks to own and use. It is aimed at “large storage arrays, active archives and read-intensive environments” – basically, catering today’s enormous amount of digital content consumption.

Details are sparse with this new king of SSD. All we know is, according to the info board displayed next to the demonstration unit at the Flash Memory Summit where it was announced, the drive features “ultra-dense NAND technology from Micron” and touts 4TB/watt, which Seagate claims as the “new level of power efficiency.” Also, Seagate highlighted that the drive uses “flexible architecture” affords scalability, thus allowing data centers to bump up the 60TB storage to 100TB, or even more (!?), and in the same form factor. This should put a smile on server operators and engineers who have been scratching their heads the whole time on how to cope with the growing demand for digital contents and serving them up seamlessly. However, it is not known how much it will cost when it becomes available next year.

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Image via Engadget.

Source: Seagate via Engadget