When it comes to smartphone cases, the lesser the bulk, the better, but there are odd balls out there that defy convention. But seriously. It is not like we have not seen cases that contradicts the aforementioned ethos; we have. But I have say this one from Softbank Japan really challenged the norm through and through. The telecommunication giant has released an intriguing iPhone case to mark its accessory store’s 10-year anniversary that tips the scales at a whopping 22 lbs.

Softbank Dumbbell iPhone Case

What’s more. It is not just the weight that blew its competition completely out the water; its size is absolutely mind-boggling too because, dumbbell. Wait, what? A dumbbell as a case??? Well, it appears to be the case here. So, yeah. Japan indeed has the world’s heaviest and biggest iPhone case and it is no doubt, the world’s first. Softbank even went the length to engage Japan’s muscle man to show how a dumbbell iPhone case can be utilized.

Well, what can I say? This has to be the heaviest call anyone has to answer, like ever. In addition to working out while watching videos, Softbank Dumbbell iPhone Case is also good as a paperweight, door stopper, and if you desire, for hammering stuff. Honestly, I wouldn’t do the last one if I were you. Believe it or not, the Softbank Dumbbell iPhone Case is for sale, or rather it was for sale because, last checked, the 10 units that were available have been spoken for.

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Fret not if you have failed to secure one because, you can always glue a phone case to a regular dumbbell. As a boon, you get to choose the weight. In case you are wondering how much it was going for, it was priced at 10,800 Yen, which works out to be around US$97. Wow. It looks like this case is not only hefty on weight department, eh?

Various uses of the Softbank Dumbbell iPhone Case:

Softbank Dumbbell iPhone Case

Images: Softbank.

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