Dumbbell iPhone Case: Answering Calls Has Never Been This Heavy!

When it comes to smartphone cases, the lesser the bulk, the better, but there are odd balls out there that defy convention. But seriously. It is not like we have not seen cases that contradicts the aforementioned ethos; we have. But I have say this one from Softbank Japan really challenged the norm through and […]

Only In Japan, You Will Get To Buy Star Wars-themed Android Phones

Star Wars movies are set in, presumably, a civilization far more advanced than mankind. However, the funny thing was, there were no smartphone or anything vaguely resembles one that could let them communicate at will like we do. Lucky for us, we do have this technology available to us and hence, we, specifically folks residing […]

Sharp’s Near Bezel-less AQUOS Crystal Ditches Earpiece For Direct Wave Technology

rejoice bezel-haters. Sharp has a new handset that will take you one step closer to the bezel-less utopia you have been dreaming of for like forever and the smartphone that took this giant leap to the applause of the bezel-hating community is the Sharp AQUOS Crystal. as we all know, reduction in bezel size is […]

This Is Pepper, The First Personal Robot That Read Emotions

up till today, robots are simply machines that we could only describe as ‘cold’. regardless of how much artificial intelligence you put into them, they can never understand your emotion and reacts accordingly. however, that is set to change with Pepper (no relation with Tony Stark loyal assistant), a joint development between Japan mobile operator […]

Sharp AQUOS Phone Xx 206SH Android Phone

set to be launched this June, the Sharp AQUOS Phone Xx 206SH Android Phone will join the growing number of giant Android handsets and it will be available exclusively via Japan telecommunication carrier, Softbank. we are huge suckers for pretty design and as you can imagine, we are totally over this