Good news for mobile photography enthusiasts… in Japan and with deep pockets. There is a new Leica Phone, aptly called Leitz Phone 2. Like last year’s Leitz Phone 1, the Leitz Phone 2 is a Japan exclusively being sold through Softbank.

Leica Leitz Phone 2

Also like last year’s, the Leitz Phone 2 is also based on a Sharp Aquos. Only this time is based on a newer Sharp Aquos, R7 (obviously, duh). Aesthetically, the new Leitz Phone looks vastly different from its predecessor.

Though it still retains the aluminum frame with knurled design, it is now squared off on the sides. While the curved screen is gone, the subtle curve remains on the back. The look may not be for everyone but I am kind of digging it.

The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450 chip, or more commonly known as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, backed by 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. Storage is expandable up to a terabyte with a microSDXC card, btw.

Leica Leitz Phone 2

TBH, I am kinda surprised it isn’t powered by the plus variant which is known to be more power efficient and generates less heat. I guess the processor isn’t super critical for taking photos and videos, which is what this device is all about.

Speaking of imaging, Leitz Phone 2 is armed with a large 1-inch 47.2 MP CMOS image sensor which is paired with f1.9 aperture and 19 mm lens. Leica said this setup enables the phone to “achieve images with a high dynamic range and low image noise – even in low ambient light.”

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The camera system is bolstered by a proprietary software engine that brings the “typical ‘Leica look’ to smartphone photography” based on three iconic M lenses: The Summilux 28, the Summilux 35, and the Noctilux 50.

Leica Leitz Phone 2

And in case you are wondering…. yes, this phone only has a single main camera which can be protected with the included magnetic lens cap. And yes, it is still a phone but it is clearly camera-first, phone-second.

True to its intention as a camera-first phone, a Golden Hour widget was developed to show the golden hour times after sunrise and before sunset when the warm light is perfect for taking spectacular photos.

In addition, there’s an LFI widget, also designed specifically for this device, that continuously presents shots from the Leica Fotografie International gallery – for your appreciation and possibly to inspire you.

Leica Leitz Phone 2

Over at the front is a 6.6-inch WUZGA+ (2,730 x 1,260 pixels) Pro IGZO OLED display with Gorilla Glass, punctuated by a selfie camera of 12.6 MP with a PDAF system.

Other spec sheet details include Wi-Fi 6E, BT 5.2, face unlock, fingerprint sensor, NFC, a 5,000 mAh battery, and IP68 and IP5X ratings.

The Leitz Phone 2 is offered in a single Leica white color and will go on sale in Japan starting November 18, 2022, from Softbank for 225,360 yen which works out to be around US$1,616 today.

Leica Leitz Phone 2
Leica Leitz Phone 2

All images courtesy of Leica Camera.

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