Leica BLK ARC Autonomous Laser Scanning Module: 3D Scanning System For Robots

Leica Geosystems, a survey system maker and one of the four independent companies that share the Leica brand, has developed a 3D scanning solution designed for robots and aerial drones. The Leica BLK ARC, as it is called, is an autonomous laser scanning module designed to be integrated with robotic carriers, such as the Boston …

Leica Q2 James Bond 007 Limited Edition Camera: If Bond Used A Regular Camera…

Never mind if a spy like James Bond will probably not use a regular camera in any of his missions (unless he was pretending to be a tourist) because there is a James Bond cobranded digital camera now. Folks, meet the Leica Q2 James Bond 007 Limited Edition Camera.

If You Like Photography, You Will Appreciate This LEGO MOC UR-Leica Set

Surprisingly, there aren’t many LEGO MOC on Leica. Even more rare is the one that replicates the Original Leica shooter. The Vintage Camera: UR-Leica 1914 LEGO MOC is one such rare creation that is now on LEGO Ideas vying for your one precious support (LEGO Ideas should just go with “vote” instead of “support”. Just …

400% Size Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure Comes With A Bag For You To Carry It Around

Here’s another piece of Medicom Toy news that may be of an interest to photography enthusiasts. No, Medicom is not making a camera, but it is a Bearbrick (stylized as [email protected]) collectible figure in the unmistakable Leica camera iconography.

Leitz Phone 1 Is Leica’s First Smartphone, But It’s For Japan Market Only

For the longest time, Leica has been associated with camera lens of smartphones – most notably on Huawei flagship devices, and more recently Sharp. That changes last week when Leica Camera AG revealed its very first smartphone, called Leitz Phone 1.

JMGO O1 Series: Ultra-short Throw Projectors That Are Under US$900

TV is one decor-ruining electronic device that we have learned to live with. However, if you prefer not to conform, then perhaps an ultra-short throw projector could be the alternative. Speaking of ultra-short throw projector, JMGO has a couple to offer.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Includes A Mortal Kombat Arcade And A Chucky Doll

Another year, another slew of made for Supreme products. At this point, nothing from the king of collab is too outrageous or even surprises. The offerings have transcend those and have actually become rather novel.

Leica Announced Availability Of Leica S3 Medium Format System With Pro-level Price (Of Course!)

Forget about what people say about pixel doesn’t matter. The truth is, it doesn’t hurt to have more pixels. And hurt it does not with the 64 MP 30 x 45 mm sensor found on the Leica S3 Medium Format System.