Leica’s New Compact Q2, Packs 47 MP Full-frame Sensor, Records 4K Video

If you are in the market for a compact, full-frame camera, you are not lacking of options. The question is what you are after, the style and how much are you willing to plonk down. If the answers to those questions are as high a resolution possible, very stylish and money is no object, well […]

Leica Rangefinger Won’t Fly Off The Shelves But The LEGO Version Will

If you have not heard, Leica Miami Store is selling (or was selling?) unofficial Leica x LEGO Rangefinder Model Camera. Unlike the real Leica Rangefinder, which cost thousands and therefore less likely to fly off the shelves, the LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera did flew off the shelves – even though it is clear as […]

Russia Camera Maker Zenit Lives Again, Unveiled Its First Leica-based Camera

I am not a photography buff myself, but I have sure seen and read about Zenit, the famed USSR-era Russian camera brand, in my younger days (don’t ask how). So what about it? Well, like many brands that have saw demised and ‘rebooted subsequently, it is coming back. Starting with the Zenit M Rangefinger. Krasnogorsky […]

Leica SOFORT Instant Camera Have A New Matte Black Finish

Unless you are a shutterbug who have been watching the camera hardware scene closely, you wouldn’t have known Leica, maker of high-end cameras, has an instant camera line called SOFORT. If you don’t already know that, now you know and now, you also know that it has a new black matter finish version too. Announced […]

Leica M10-P Is Super Quiet, Won’t Rouse Your Sleeping Subject

Are you bothered by the shutter noise of a camera? Or maybe in your line of work (I won’t ask, I promised), you require barely noticeable shutter noise? Well, if so and if you have the dough to drop, Leica has the answer and it is called M10-P. M10-P is the latest member of Leica […]

Leica Camera Purportedly Own By Amelia Earhart’s Is On eBay For £50K

It is understandable that some avid collectors with the money to burn will want to collect a piece of the history that comes with proper provenance, but what we can’t comprehend is, why would anyone sell a so-called “piece of history” that has questionable provenance at an auction house kind of pricing. Such is what […]

Rolf Sachs Puts Red Ping Pong Rubber On Leica Camera For Grip

You know Leica camera? And you know tablet tennis, AKA ping pong, bat/paddle? Ok, good. Now imagine the rubber thingy, specifically, the pimple style, found on a tablet tennis racket on a Leica camera and that, ladies and gentlemen, would be the Special Edition Leica M-P ‘Grip’ as designed by artist Rolf Sachs. Nothing particularly […]

Huawei Rocks The Smartphone World With Leica Dual Lens Camera Collab

One of the most ‘work on’ feature by China handset makers is probably the onboard camera and so, it is hardly surprising that heavy hitter like Huawei will be ignoring the imaging department. Ignore they sure did not. As a matter of fact, the Chinese telecommunication device maker has partnered with Leica Camera AG to […]

Leica Announced Moncler Limited Edition Camera Based on X (Type 113)

a century is a big deal, which is why it calls for the continual celebration throughout the year and Leica does so by announcing yet another limited edition camera, this time collaborating with France outerwear maestro Moncler to release the Leica X “Edition Moncler”. based on the Leica X (Type 113) model, the “Edition Moncler” […]

Leica M-P Typ 240 Loses Branding For An Understated Look. Is It A Good Thing?

whether a Leica is worth the pennies has long been debated by shutterbugs, but one thing for sure, if you are style-conscious photography enthusiast, you will appreciate the classical look of Leica rangefinder cameras and if you are a pro shooter (with deep pockets, that is), then we are sure the Leica M-P Typ 240 […]