It looks like the continue growth of the vinyl market is too hard for Panasonic to ignore. Ignore it did not since a few years ago. The Japanese electronics company is continuing to reinforce its presence in the turntable market with a new turntable, the Panasonic Technics SP-10R Direct Drive Turntable. With the Panasonic Technics Direct Drive Turntable, Panasonic will be bringing to vinyl lovers the world’s top-level signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio and rotational stability, Panasonic said. Notable features include a coreless direct-drive motor boasting a new structure, a weightier platter to promote stable rotation, and a newly developed, ultra-low-noise power supply.

Panasonic Technics Direct Drive Turntable Unveiled at IFA 2017

Panasonic aims to feed the growing demand for analog records by bring cutting edge digital technology into the mix with a device like the SP-10R. Basically, it will have the tech to please vinyl audiophile. Aesthetically, the prototype device showed off reminisces of the Technics hifi system of the 80s which should appeals to vinyl aficionados who grew up in the 70s and 80s, yours truly included. We are not sure if the outlook will be maintained for the eventual production model, but I sure hope it does. The prototype brings back fond memories of the days when I mucked around with the double tape deck and turntable of a Technics hifi system my family owns. Ah… those where the days!

Anywho, the new device was announced at this year’s IFA and it will be officially launched sometime in 2018’s summer under the company’s Technics brand, but until then, Panasonic will further develop the technology. Pricing is too early to be made known at this point.

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Images courtesy of Panasonic.

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