Simulation has been a staple of video game’s history. We have games that simulate anything, from train simulator to truck simulator to even surgery simulator, and now, there is new simulator genre that is riding on the waves created by networks like HGTV and TLC. Yup. That’s right. Home renovation and house flipping simulator is here and it is aptly called House Flipper.

Home Flipper House Renovation Simulator Game
Roll up your sleeves and get those windows cleaned.

Like the TV shows you have watched on HGTV, this game involves you turning a rundown house into sellable condition so you can flip it for profit. Also like the TV shows, you’d have to roll up your sleeves, doing things like demolition, housekeeping, and installing furniture. In addition, there are mini-games to deal with the nitty gritty bits of home renovation, such getting the wiring and plumbing done, or fixing a leaky radiator and whatnot.

Home Flipper House Renovation Simulator Game
You will need to fix a busted radiator too.

The most brilliant part is, you’d be doing all that in first-person and so, I’d House Flipper is perfect as a VR gaming. Though I am not sure if it does support VR mode. Anyways, House Flipper is interesting enough to beckon me to take a dive, but looking at my aging Mac, I don’t I can get a “realistic” experience out of it. But if you do have a decent rig, you may want to pick up a copy from Steam for a discounted $17.99. We read that the promotion ends May 24, 2018.

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Empyrean, the Polish indie developer behind House Flipper is also selling game for $19.99 a copy and it is available for both Windows and Mac. The game comes with some free downloadable content available at launch, including an interesting one called Apocalypse Flipper where home renovation set in a fictional fall-out environment. Intriguing.

Apparently, House Flipper is trending in the gaming community, landing itself as one of the top 10 games on Twitch on a certain day. Anywho, before you take a dive into the business of renovation and selling houses, you may want to check out the official trailer below.

Images: Empyrean via Steam.

via Polygon.

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