Behold! The World’s Highest Capacity SSD Now Stands At A Whopping 60TB!

You know what was the craziest thing to happen in computer technology earlier this year? A 16TB SSD. And do you know what’s the biggest news today in computer technology? A 60TB SSD. That’s right sixty terabytes. To put things in perspective, that’s a drive that could potentially accommodate up to 12,000 DVD movies, or […]

Angelbird Introduces New Portable SSD That’s Virtually Indestructible

What are the odds of a SSD being rolled over by a truck? We’d say that it is as rare as hen’s teeth, but in the event it does happen, the Angelbird SSD2GO PKT SSD will remain steadfast and unscathed. Touted as a virtually indestructible SSD drive, Angelbird SSD2GO PKT a portable drive that’s designed […]

Samsung Introduces 16TB SSD But It Is Not For You And Me, At Least Not Now

Hard drive storage has come a long way. Back in the olden days, an IBM 305 hard drive from 1958 packed fifty 24-inch diameter disks and consumed 16 square-feet of space to offer a ‘whopping’ 5 Megabytes of storage space. That one-ton behemoth will certainly not fit any PC, much less a laptop and that’s […]

Samsung Up The Portable SSD Game With T3 That Can Survive A 2M Drop

Digital files are getting bigger, but unfortunately, internal hard disk aren’t getting any larger to cope with our insatiable appetite for bytes – thanks in part to the proliferation of 4K contents. So, if you work on 4K contents, then you are going to enlist help from an external drive like the Samsung SSD T3. […]

Look, Samsung Has Have 2TB Version of its 3D V-NAND Powered SSD

We are guessing most storage-hungry computer users probably rely on external hard drives to mitigate the storage crunch. It can be quite messy, you know, with all the cables and blocks sitting out on the desk but a necessary evil, nonetheless. That’s until now. Samsung has just announced 2 terabytes version of the company’s 3D […]

HyperX’s New Savage SATA3-based SSD Taps on Phison to Make Blazing Speeds

For those out there who likes to tinker with their PC, you’d be glad to know that Kingston’s high-performance product division, HyperX, has just unleash a line of SSD that promised incredible speeds. Dubbed HyperX Savage, this new line replaces the HyperX 3K SSD which was first introduced in 2012. Based on SATA3 (SATA Rev. […]

Samsung SSD T1 Portable Hard Drive Mixes Speed And Reliability, Wrapped In A Stylish Package

Rejoice! Digital storage-starved and impatience folks, Samsung has finally bring its 3D V-NAND-powered solid state drive to portable hard drive, dubbed SSD T1, offering you up to 450 megabytes per second (MB/s) over USB 3.0 interface sequential read/write and up to 8,000 inputs/outputs per second (IOPS) and 21,000 IOPS, random read/write speeds, packed in a […]

Self-destructing SSD Lets You Physically Destroy It by Texting It

lets be honest with ourselves: we have our own set of skeleton in the closet, but these days some’s skeleton exists in digital form, which needless to say, is at risk of being hacked and leaked. physical data can be shredded and burned, but when it comes digital data, there is always encryption like 256-bit […]

Samsung Outs 3D V-NAND Powered Solid State Drive

for non-enthusiasts, a hard drive is just a hard drive. if it is SSD, then it is good, if not, it doesn’t really matters. however, serious computing geeks would appreciate the breakthrough in Solid State Drive bought about by the new Samsung 840 PRO Solid State Drive. the PRO (not to be confused with the […]

Samsung SSD 840 Series Solid State Drive

we know. the chances of anyone peeking under the hood of their computer is next to zero, but that doesn’t mean what goes within the chassis should be anything ugly. so if you are looking for a internal storage that looks as good as it performs, then the Samsung SSD 840 Series Solid State Drive might be a worthy candidate. its brushed metal enclosure