First, there were robot vacuums that mop and then comes self-cleaning and self-emptying. Now meet, Roidmi Eva, a “hands-free” robot vacuum that does all of those in one machine.

Roidmi Eva Robot Vacuum: It Vacuums, Mops, Self-Clean And Self-Empty

Roidmi Eva takes robot vacuum and mop to the next level by eliminating the need for switching sweepers with mopping pads or vice versa. It truly is a machine that does it all. Now, that’s taking laziness, no, wait, I mean taking efficiency to the next level.

Everything is pretty much automatic, save for the once-in-a-while process of loading up an empty waste water tank and a clean water tank, and emptying the trash in the dock when it is full. You will only have to do the latter once every 60 days – thanks to the super big dust bag.

Roidmi Eva Robot Vacuum: It Vacuums, Mops, Self-Clean And Self-Empty

Roidmi Eva is probably the most hands-free robot vacuum money can buy now. Eva has three cleaning modes, namely, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, which it automatically switches to suit the needs of the cleaning.

In the case of mopping, Roidmi claims a 12 N pressurized mopping that is capable of removing stubborn stains. The mop further features a quick, auto-drying mop that promised to be anti-mildew and anti-odor. In the vacuum department, it touts a powerful 3,200 Pa suction that leaves no residual dust.

Roidmi Eva Robot Vacuum: It Vacuums, Mops, Self-Clean And Self-Empty

Roidmi Eva is outfitted with LDS Omni-directional scanning and is fully capable of fall detection and obstacle avoidance that includes not getting entangled by cables that may lie across the floor.

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Finally, this little guy will play well with voice assistants like Alexa and Google, allowing you to use voice commands to make it do your biddings.

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider pre-ordering it from its pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo for a Super Early Bird price of US$749 (U.P. US$999). Skip ahead for the product intro video.

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All images courtesy of Roidmi.

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