China Home Appliance Maker Little Swan Has A Washing Machine That’s Also A Dock For A Robot Vacuum

If you are living in a small space, every inch counts, and thus, you want to make full use of every square inch. China home appliance maker Little Swan [CH] has created a 2-in-1 home appliance, dubbed “dual wash station”, that will let you do just that – make full use of every square inch.

Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson’s Robovac Can Finally Get Under Furniture

Dyson is back in the robovac game with a new device called Dyson 360 Vis Nav. However, unlike the king of cordless stick vacuum’s previous two attempts, the Dyson 360 Eye from 2014 and the more recent Dyson 360 Heurist from 2020, which had a weirdly tall and stumpy form factor that can’t even fit …

Narwal Brings Its Robot Vacuum With Self-cleaning Mop To The U.S.

Robot vacuum that vacuum, mops, and self-empties is not the newest news. Now, there is a new robot vacuum that does both vacuuming and mopping, and self-cleans the mops, and it is called Narwal T10. When we first featured Narwal T10, it wasn’t available in stateside. Well, the good news is, it is now available …

XCLEA: The World’s First Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum With Mopping Function

For the longest time, robot vacuum was just a robot vacuum. And then, mopping function becomes a norm. And then iRobot broke new ground with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. But it was pricey. Very pricey. Thankfully, there is another option in the market and it is called, XCLEA Hands-free Dust Collecting Robot Vacuum.

Neabot Is Possibly The Most Affordable Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum In The Market Now

Robot vacuum may not deserve its namesake if it requires you to regular empty its dust bin. The word ‘robot’ means, you should have minimal interaction with it and considering how small the dust bin on such device is, interaction can be quite frequent. This is where Neabot Robot Vacuum comes in.

Haier TAB Tabot Robot Vacuum Cuts Hair To Prevent Tangle And It Is Also A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

One of the biggest electronics maker in North America, Haier, is selling a new type of robot vacuum under its ‘online company’ Haier TAB. Haier TAB is also a branding and R&D company, and therefore, it is no surprise when they introduced its latest robot vacuum, it is anything but run-of-the-mill.