Little Swan Washing Machine and Robot Vacuum

If you are living in a small space, every inch counts, and thus, you want to make full use of every square inch. China home appliance maker Little Swan [CH] has created a 2-in-1 home appliance, dubbed “dual wash station”, that will let you do just that – make full use of every square inch.

Little Swan Washing Machine and Robot Vacuum

“Dual wash station” is a front-load washing machine and a robot vacuum rolled into one. But why it is called “dual wash”? Well about that… it washes laundry and the robot vacuum sucks and mops, or washes the floor as the Chinese refer to it.

So, yeah, a “dual wash station” is essentially a front-load washing machine with a robot vacuum dock beneath it. But it is not merely putting a washer on top of another rectangular contraption; the washing machine/robot vacuum dock has been designed to fit small spaces, requiring just one-meter square (about 10 square feet).

In fact, the washer/robot vacuum dock is just 600 mm (less than 2 feet) deep, which is the depth of a typical kitchen countertop. This allows it to blend with the decor while remaining practical. The small footprint means it will be less obtrusive even if you need to place it in the living.

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Being small, allows it to be in the bathroom too. Little Swan also took the wet environment of a bathroom into consideration. The robot vacuum is specially designed to be super water resistant for this purpose, capable of operating on wet floors with water levels up to 5 mm.

The real boon of a one-unit design is that it requires only one water supply and one outlet, saving you the hassle of routing piping and cable for another appliance.

But such convenience does not come cheap. The commands 7,999 yuan (about US$1,094 today), which is considered on the high side in its domestic market.

Images: Little Swan [CH].