Whirlpool’s New Front Load Washer Has A Built-in Detergent Dispenser

Whirlpool has a new washing machine that will eliminate one step in the usual laundry process. The Whirlpool Smart Front Load Laundry Pair, as it is called, features a Load & Go dispenser that lets you add detergent to the washer and it will auto-distribute soap for up to 40 loads. OK. It will not […]

This Nifty Gadget Uses Ultrasonic To Thoroughly Clean Virtually Anything

Whether you are a hygiene freak, or a homeowner who has a home that has no place for a washing machine, or someone who travels a lot, the Sonic Soak is for you. So, what exactly is a Sonic Soak? Well, Sonic Soak is an Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool. It is a cleaning tool that cleans […]

Meet Xiaomi’s New And Very High-tech Connected Washer Dryer

Do you know, Xiaomi also has a washing machine? Yup. They sure do and the sleek white appliance you see here is, I believe, the company’s first. There is no fancy name here; it is just called Mijia (basically Mi Home) Connected Dryer Washer. It is designed for 10 kilograms (22 lbs) load and as […]

New LG TWINWash Washer And Dryer Is Smart, Works With Voice Assistant Too

When LG pitched the idea of twin wash washing machine, AKA washer, we thought it was a crazy idea. Like, who needs two washers in one washing machine, right? Well, as it turns out, it was a hit. OK. Maybe not a hit, hit, but it does sell, or at least we thought it sells […]

Porsche Designed Washing Machine Is China Wealthy’s Latest Obsession

Properties and cars are the obvious products of choice to flaunt one’s wealth, but in recent times, wealthy folks in China are into something else entirely and that something else happens to be, well, washing machines. Believe it or not, luxe washing machine is the latest obsession for the richest. The burgeoning number of richie […]

Bike Washing Machine Concept Sounds Brilliant, But Is It Really Practical?

How do you juggle between the many household chores with exercise? Perhaps, cleaning up the house and doing laundry are already considered exercising, but what if, you can literally do both at the same time, like cycling on a stationary bike and doing laundry simultaneously? Impossible? Not according to a team of designers at Dalian […]

Here’s a Portable Washing Machine That Operates Without Electricity

If having clean attire is what matters even when you are out camping, then we think you may like the idea of Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer, a super compact portable washing machine that’s essentially human-powered. Standing at 22 inches tall, Drumi looks more like a space-age rice cooker or steamer than a washing machine […]

LG Twin Wash System Lets You Wash Two Loads Of Laundry At The Same Time

When it comes to doing laundry, most of us couldn’t care less about the different types of clothes that get thrown into the washing machine, but for everyone who does, LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine is just the home appliance you may have been dreaming of. As the product name implies, this particular washing […]