MIGO Ascender Stair-climbing Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum is arguably one of the greatest innovations of our time. It saves busy homeowners a ton of time in keeping the floors spick and span – even for carpeted areas. But it has one major flaw: it is only good for a single floor, or any place without steps. Sure, you can manually set it up for the second floor or the step-up, but I don’t believe it will remember that floor after removing it. Well, you know what? This age-old problem since the invention of the robot vacuum finally has a solution. Folks, meet the Ascender from MIGO Robotics, the first robot vacuum and mop with stair-climbing capabilities.

MIGO Ascender Stair-climbing Robot Vacuum

You heard that right, my friends. This unconventional-looking robot vacuum can scale stairs to continue its work beyond one floor. This innovative device boasts advanced mechanical structures, AI algorithms, a large-capacity battery, and a sleek dock. Ascender can navigate stairs up to 8.7 inches (22 cm) high, has clean edges with its square body and omnidirectional wheels, and effectively picks up large debris with its pivotable brushing system.

It delivers powerful suction (9,700Pa), efficient mopping with high downward pressure and rapid scrubbing, and extensive coverage (up to 500 square meters or 5,380 square feet) on a single charge of its high-capacity 12,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. Its 3.86-inch (9.8 cm) slim design enables cleaning under furniture.

Ascender’s intelligence stems from HD cameras, LiDAR, ToF sensors, and AI, supporting smart navigation, obstacle avoidance, and area segregation. The accompanying app offers control and customization, while the all-in-one dock provides safe and quiet dust emptying. Compatible with smart home systems and operable without the internet, Ascender offers energy-saving features and a promise of significant electricity cost savings.

MIGO Ascender Stair-climbing Robot Vacuum

This being the world’s first stair-climbing robot vacuum, it is undoubtedly a super exciting development. And it being the first also means it may not work as smoothly as we have expected. But even so, it is a good start before an actual humanoid starts dropping by to clean your home.

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If you are intrigued, you can learn more about the MIGO Ascender Stair-climbing Robot Vacuum on Kickstarter where it is being crowdfunded. Not surprisingly, it is not lacking folks who are keen on giving it a go. Last check, the campaign has attracted nearly 2,000 backers, contributing over US$1.7 million in funding and the campaign has 35 days to go. Wow.

Before you get all excited about it and reach for your credit card, you have to know this machine is not cheap. It will run you back at a cool US$849 or more if you pledge for a product during its Kickstarter campaign. Then again that is already the Super Early Bird price. It is expected to retail for an even more princely sum of US$1,499. Yikes. So, if you want one, it is probably best to pick it up during the crowdfunding campaign.

MIGO Ascender Stair-climbing Robot Vacuum

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Images: MIGO Robotics.