How much many money will you pay for nothing? Not a single cent, obviously. Apparently, though, someone has paid €15,000 (roughly about US$18,250) for a so-called invisible sculpture. The nothingness was the “work” of Italian artist Salvatore Garau called lo Sono or “I Am”. The “sculpture” is, ermm, nothing.

You can’t actually see it because, it only exists in the artist’s imagination. The notion of Garau has created an invisible sculpture is not farfetched because, the man had previously created an immaterial sculpture called “Buddha in Contemplation” which was “installed” in the Piazza della Scala in Milan, near the entrance to the Galleria d’ Italia.

He even put up a video on Instagram to show off his creation. Obviously, all you will see in the clip is the beautiful Piazza della Scala and nothing else. Anyhoo, “I Am” is reportedly the first time he had sold an invisible art.

It was not revealed who have paid 15.000 euro for nothingness. However, we heard that the unnamed buyer did actually get a stamped certificated as a prove that he had bought, well, nothing. Now that is one art any expert will find it hard to evaluate.

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Anyhoo, just when some people thought cryptocurrency and non-fungible token are loads of bull, this supposed sale of invisible took it to the next level. Such is the world we live in now.

TBH, we are skeptical that this news is even real, but since Highsnobiety reported it and NPR did too, I am guessing it is true?

P.S.: We did not include the image of the so-called “sculpture” with this post for obvious reason. However, we do have a stock image from R_R (via Unsplash) edited by us.

via Highsnobiety.

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