There are artificial flowers and then there is the decorative LEGO Botanical Collection. For those who dig the idea of building your own flowers, the good news is, LEGO did not stop at the flower bouquet and bonsai; it now Strelitzia aka bird of paradise joining its decorative LEGO Botanical Collection.

LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise Building Kit

Arguably one of the world’s most striking plants native to South Africa is now a LEGO building kit. The LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise Building Kit, as it is called, is perfect for owning this exquisite flora specimen without the hassle of taking care of it. All you need to do is to build it and it will remain as youthful and fresh for as long as you live.

There’s a bit of flower arrangement to it too since the flowers and leaves can be repositioned as you see fit, allowing you to create your own unique Bird of Paradise display. Each set includes a buildable black LEGO flowerpot.

LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise Building Kit

When completed, the 1173-piece set measures over 18 inches (46 cm) tall while the flowerpot is over 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter. And oh, did we mention that it will sway in light breeze just like the real thing does in nature?

The new LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise Building Kit will arrive in August 01, 2021, for US$99.99.

LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise Building Kit

Images: LEGO Group.

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