It’s totally OK if you don’t have green thumb or do not have the creativity mind to make a stunning flower arrangement because, with the new Decorative LEGO Botanical Collection, everyone can have green fingers and everyone is a master of flower arrangement.

Decorative LEGO Botanical Collection

You heard that right. LEGO now has botanical enthusiasts covered too. Apparently, green spaces help adults to relax and so is putting together LEGO sets, and hence, the union of two couldn’t be more perfect.

True to the product’s namesake, a number of elements in the LEGO Botanical Collection are made from plant-based plastic which are produced using sustainable sourced sugarcane.

LEGO 10281 Creator Bonsai Tree

Two collections are offered in the LEGO Botanical Collection, namely, LEGO 10280 Creator Flower Bouquet and LEGO 10281 Creator Bonsai Tree. The former is a 756-piece set that lets you build beautiful blooms in an array of colors, or for the veteran builders, customize as they see fit.

As for the LEGO 10281 Creator Bonsai Tree, it is a 878-piece set that lets you build a model of a classy bonsai, complete with a classic bonsai planter.

LEGO 10281 Creator Bonsai Tree

Both the LEGO 10280 Creator Flower Bouquet and the LEGO 10281 Creator Bonsai Tree are available now, priced at US$49.99 a pop. Additional LEGO Roses and LEGO Tulips can also be purchased to expand your bouquet for US$12.99 and US$9.99, respectively.

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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