chrome and LEGO, well, what can we say? it is possibly a marriage made in heaven. no? at least, that’s our opinion and if you are on the same page with us, then you are going to love this announcement made recently by Google: a collaboration between Google and LEGO that takes the LEGO bricks out of the plastic bins and into the virtual world and when we said ‘virtual world’ it literally means ‘virtual’ and the ‘world’. using WebGL, this collaborations free you imagination and let you build whatever (we do mean whatever) you fancy in anywhere in the (virtual) world.

if you ever dabble in LEGO Creator, the software that allows you to plan out your custom LEGO creation, then the Chrome x LEGO shouldn’t be any stranger to you. the only difference is, there is no software to install; it is all web-based and it is available across all devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. and if you need a little jolt of inspiration, all you have to do is to login into your Google+ account and check out what others in your circles have done, or simply hit up the build page and explore what the rest of the community has done.

in case you are wondering why the sudden collaboration? well, it takes little guess that this is part of the promo for the upcoming The LEGO Movie, but regardless it is an interesting way to showoff your creativity. the world is your canvas, is what we would call it. we seriously think all LEGO fans should go check it out. we already did.

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