Google Teases Miniature Radar That Enables Gesture Capability On Upcoming Pixel 4

Just last month, Made by Google tweeted a teaser image of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphone and today, it expand the tease some more. However, this time, Made by Google has given us the first look at one of the tech that will be in the Pixel 4. The tech is called Motion Sense […]

Made By Google Teases Pixel 4 Photo, Confirming A Disturbing Design

It is still months away from the revealing of the much anticipated (or not) fourth-generation Google Pixel phone, but already, the Internet is jam packed with speculations, rumors and leaks that led to a supposedly accurate render of what Google Pixel 4 will look like. Well, as it turns out, the last Google Pixel 4 […]

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Now Available With Safety Frames

Google has recently introduced a follow up to its Google Glass Enterprise Edition, simply called Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Like Microsoft HoloLens 2, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 provides its wearer hands-free access to the information and tools he/she need to complete their work. With it, workers will be able to do things like […]

Google Nest Hub Max Packs So Many Tech That It May Give You The Creep

This is Nest Hub Max, the first product from Google’s newly-formed team, Google Nest. It is a smart hub that does pretty much JBL LINK View and Amazon Echo Show does and then some. It packs so many tech in it, that it might give you the creep. Or at least, that’s how I felt. […]

Google Pixel 3a Is Official, Has No Notch And Gets The Headphone Jack

Well, the much rumored “more affordable” version of the Pixel phone, Pixel 3a, has been made official and it might just appeal to notch-haters because, it ain’t got one. But be warned though. It has some rather nasty bezels. Not just the top and chin; the sides too. Ewww… Anyhow… as with previous Pixel phones, […]

Google Pixel 4 Renders Surfaced And Now We Have More Questions

If Google’s new found tradition of unveiling new Pixel phone in October remain unchanged, it will be roughly another 7 months before will we get to see the new device. But this being the age of leaks, we are already picking up tidbits and even supposedly leaked CAD models that tickles our imagination. So, it […]

Google Honors J.S. Bach With First AI-powered Google Doodle

Google search has grown so big that it has a team that specializes in creating temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepages to commemorate holidays, events, achievements and notable historical figures. Yes. That thing that most of us wouldn’t have paid attention anyways. It is called Google Doodle. Today’s Doodle is a little special […]

Google Wants You To Find Carmen Sandiego On Google Earth

Well, what do you know? Google actually wants you to find Carmen Sandiego who is lurking around Google Earth in a new Google Earth-based game. And yes, there are games on Google Earth. Well, sometimes they do. What’s the purpose, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. Marketing, perhaps? Anywho… if you did not grew […]

Google’s New Gaming Platform Could End All Existing Gaming Platforms

It is safe to say most modern people’s life revolves around Google. We rely on Google to get to places. We turn to Google for information. We get entertained by it too. The list just go on and on. Thank goodness that they have sold the robotic company to Softbank, if not we would be […]

Oops: Google Maps Reveal Taiwan’s Most Sensitive Military Sites In 3D

Ordinary citizens may get all paranoia about Big Brother watching them, but little do they know that Big Brother may have the same worry too. Well, at least it is for Taiwan’s government, all thanks to Google Maps. Google’s new 3D maps boast unprecedented details of certain cities, including Taiwan’s most sensitive military sites that’s […]