Adobe Flash Is Officially Dead

Many things have come a long way. Some stood the test of time while others did not. The Adobe Flash latter. Flash lasted over a decade and a half in Adobe’s hands. I have a distaste for Flash.

I was forced to pick up Flash when developing websites during Macromedia era. I had to. Some clients thought I can’t see that Flash was the future of Internet browsing experience (ha! The future ain’t very, eh?).

The only thing I enjoyed using Flash was for lobby presentations. It was the best option during that time and more professional-looking then PowerPoint.

As far as plug-in goes, I thought (and still think) it was a burden. It was slow and often face browser compatibility issues. And that’s to mention the countless updates that drove some computer users up the wall.

As much as I would like to say it was as good as it lasts, I won’t because, Flash was one of the worst things to happen in the age of Internet. My stance remains the same: anything that requires a plug-in to run on the browser has no place in today’s world (not even in the 90s!). Period.

That said, I am glad it is officially laid to rest. Adobe has confirmed it will drop support for Flash Player after December 31, 2020. In addition, it will block Flash content from running in Flash Player starting on January 12, 2021. As the matter of fact, the announcement was made back in 2017 that it will not support Flash by the end of 2020 and end it did. It is a good riddance. There. I said it again and I can’t say it enough.

Composite image by Mikeshouts. Credits: Matt Botsford/Caroline Attwood via Unsplash.

Hat tip: 9to5Mac.