Smart lock is not exactly new. In fact, it has become a common commodity like your regular locks, but ask yourself this: why hasn’t we see a huge adoption? I think it is due to the insecurity most people (read: people like me) had with regard to wireless technology. I belong to skeptic camp. Even if I look past the potential of it being hacked, or tech go cranky, I am worry about key, or in most cases, the lack thereof, and also not forgetting, the what ifs, like mobile device conking out before you reaches home. However, a startup comprising of engineers with PhDs understands these and band together to create the world’s first all-in-one connected smart lock called Gate.

Gate All-In-One Connected Smart Lock

In a way, you can say Gate is a true door security system, combining traditional key cylinder lock, keypad entry and a motion-activated camera with audio to safeguard your front door. It works like the smart lock as you have come to expect, except that it don’t rely on mobile phone’s Bluetooth to enable entry. Instead, you can choose to enter with a traditional key, or a preset number combination. The latter can be customized based on the person, so you can be informed who entered. It also works with a companion app that allows you remotely lock or in the case of delivery or trusted plumper or whoever, unlock to let them in to do whatever they need to do.

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Gate All-In-One Connected Smart Lock

Built in motion detection alerts you of visitor at the door, while an integrated HD camera and two-way audio lets you see who’s at the door and if required, communicate with them. So, if the notion of Bluetooth to open door freaks you out because of the aforementioned reasons, then Gate could be the middle path solution you have been seeking when it comes to adopting technology for front door security. Gate Labs is running a flexible campaign on Indiegogo where you can pre-order a unit for March 2017 delivery, starting at $209 a pop. As with most such locks, you are expected to roll up your sleeves to install it, but Gate Labs promised that it will be a painless process. Check out the product pitch video after the post to learn more.

Images: Gate Labs.

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