American Felling Axe & Duck Canvas Axe Case

American Felling Axe & Duck Canvas Axe Case
American Felling Axe & Duck Canvas Axe Case | from US$110.00 |

we will be honest with you: we never have the need for an axe but still, we dream of owning one each. we are not clear what’s so alluring about something that chops and cuts (and sometime, saws) to a grown man. perhaps, it is because some of them look so damn good such as this American Felling Axe that we find ourselves drooling over it or it could be the accessories that we could bag to ‘pimp up’ the axe. herein lies a very special relation between a man and an axe which your other half would never comprehend. in fact, it is completely mystifying that even ourselves couldn’t comprehend why so. this special edition axe designed by Best Made in New York features a Daytona pattern head crafted from high carbon American steel and drop forged in North Carolina by fourth generation axe makers. the magnificent head is complemented by a helve lathed from Appalachian hickory and sports a beautiful, slim and smooth curve. and since it is from Best Made, expect it to come with Best Made’s documentation and guarantee, plus a top-grain leather blade guard and deliver to you in a hand-built crate with wood wool. however, it does not come cheap and it will punch a neat $300 hole in your wallet but if have no issues with that, why not put down a hundred dollars or so and grab a handsome looking Duck Canvas Axe Case to go with it? like a good rifle, a good axe deserves a complementing case. made from rugged #8 Martexin duck canvas, this case is lined with a weighty, abrasion-resistant Cordura and topped with 1/4″ padding for your back. designed for Best Made axes and available for both the Hudson Bay and Felling with a starting sticker of $110. click through for some larger views.

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