If you camp often or have the habit of being prepared for any unfortunate disasters that may come your way, then you might want to check out Pyyros. Billed as the ultimate survival tool and flashlight, Pyyros is devised by an US military veteran and keen outdoorsman who obviously knows what a person needs in time of disaster. And mind you, no amount of words can overstate what this little guy can and will do for you. Featuring a modular design, Pyyros is totally scalable, allowing a myriad of modules to be added based on your needs and requirements.

Pyyros Ultimate Survival Tool and Modular Flashlight
You can’t say many survival tool offers Cospas-Sarsat compliant Personal Beacon Locator, can you?

Modules include basic survival gears like crossfire all-weather firestarter, screwdriver set, USB power generator, hammer cap, and even a Cospas-Sarsat compliant personal beacon locator which is capable of transmitting on both 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz, ensuring you can be located easily by rescuers. In addition, Pyyros boasts a 1,000 lumen tactical flashlight, a 3,400 mAh battery, iodine pills for purifying water, a USB 2.0 port for charging your small USB-powered devices, and a micro USB port for the recharging the survival tool itself.

Pyyros Ultimate Survival Tool and Modular Flashlight
Solar is one of the many ways Pyyros can be recharged.

Speaking of recharging, the 3,400 mAh battery can be topped via multiple ways, including solar, car power port, and even wind and water power. Being a survival tool, it is built tough, sporting a 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum casing, anodized to keep corrosion at bay, and it is totally waterproof. The real kicker here is, it is 100 percent modular, which means you can choose to remove and add modules, taking only the tools essential to you.

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Pyyros Ultimate Survival Tool and Modular Flashlight
It is totally modular, so you only need to take what you need with you.

Pyyros Ultimate Survival Tools and Flashlight is available in several configurations to suit individual needs when it goes live on Kickstarter sometime today. Prices start at a modest $29 for early bird base model and can run up to $689 or more for the comprehensive Expedition model. The latter is of titanium alloy and boasts everything Pyyros has to offer, including personal beacon locator, plus an empty titanium module and titanium wind and water USB turbine charger.

It has been a while a survival tool has us excited this much and if you are on the same page as us, you may want to consider backing Pyyros up, and be a part that makes it a reality. And oh, the brainchild behind Pyyros is Adam Nichols, a US military veteran and keen outdoorsman, and so, when it comes to surviving the wild, he sure knows a thing or two.

PS: it can break glass too and also, opens bottle too.

Pyyros Ultimate Survival Tool and Modular Flashlight
It also has a screwdriver set, though you probably won’t need it as much in the wild. It is good to have nonetheless.

Images: Pyyros.

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