Custom Millennium Falcon Violin by Richard Symon’s Art

If Han Solo plays violin, it will probably look like this Custom Millennium Falcon Violin. However, it will probably have strings on it which this sculpture here does not have. Then again, in a galaxy far, far away, they probably need no strings to make music because, sci-fi. Or perhaps, it is powered by miniature SRB42 sunlight engines, heavily modified, of course, which explains the blue LED glow it has at the bottom side of the lower bout. With the galaxy so massive, it is hard to imagine what kind of tech they have. This earthly creation by Etsy seller Richard Symon’s Art, on the other hand, is not loaded with mysterious galactic tech and therefore it will not create any harmonious notes even if you are Vanessa Mae of the galaxy far, far away because of the obvious lack of strings.

Custom Millennium Falcon Violin by Richard Symon’s ArtBut make no mistake, underneath the Millennium Falcon exterior is a real violin, an old violin to be precise, formerly used as a bit of set dressing on the Paddington bear movie. So, this eclectic piece is more of a display piece, a sculpture of sort, which will make a very vibrant conversational piece amongst fellow Star Wars fans, but probably not so much for real violin players, unless they happen to be Star Wars fanatics, or at least fans of John Williams. The blue LED there is powered by 12v mains, you will need to plug it in to get the entire Violennium Falcon effect. It comes supplied with a UK adapter though, so you’d save yourself the trouble of hunting down one. Also, it is conceived in such a way that it can be displayed proudly on the wall, or a desk. Pretty cool, eh?

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The price though is a bit of a wallet cruncher. It will run you back at no less than $700. But hey, we did tell you it is an art, right?

Custom Millennium Falcon Violin by Richard Symon’s Art

Images: Richard Symon’s Art.

Etsy via Sci-Fi Design.