The Nicest Car Horn Ever DIY by Mark Rober

If a car can talk, the horn would be its voice and the only vocabulary it ever knew was ‘honk’ which, as most car drivers can agree on, is not exactly the most pleasant sound. There’s no emotion to it. You can’t really tell if it is a friendly honk or otherwise. The best way to communicate your intention is probably a digital display which the automobiles of the future may have, but until then, your friendliness can only be conveyed with this DIY horn, dubbed as the Nicest Car Horn Ever by Mark Rober. The one-horn-does-it-all honking does not go down well with Rober and therefore, he decided to cobble together a three-horn system in addition to his VW Jetta’s stock horn.

The Nicest Car Horn Ever DIY by Mark Rober
The horn buttons light up too.

With the help from a couple of friends, the DIY Nicest Car Horn Ever is born. It comes with three types of honk: a gentle honk to remind fellow motorists to move along, a loud train-like horn, and a R2-D2-inspired beep that produces an even gentler reminder for times when the driver is outside the car. Makes sense, you wouldn’t want an old folk who unknowingly stand in an empty carpark lot to jump from the sound of a horn, and risk give him or her a heart attack. The gentle honk, on the other hand, is loud enough to be heard by drivers inside their cars and yet not all-out offensive, and it is ideal for reminding drivers who spaced out at the lights, or looking down at their phones, to move on.

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As for the loudest of the three honks, it is meant for obnoxious, inconsiderate road users who don’t give a f*@k about other road users. For this bunch of people, reminder is best serve loud and clear, and through a pair of air horns used on semi trucks and trains. The buttons are conveniently located on the center console within arms reach, and are lighted to boot. With the Nicest Car Horn Ever, as Mark puts it, you’d be expanding the vocabulary of your car horn and we think it is kind of brilliant (and fun too). However, the best horn I ever heard was one that crazy laughter of a crown.

The Nicest Car Horn Ever DIY by Mark Rober
A set of air horns usually used on semis and trains is reserved for inconsiderate road users.

Images: YouTube video screengrab.