The 3 Best Ways To Still Get A Job When You Have A Record

Unfortunately, everybody makes mistakes in life. Things can happen, a crime takes place, and you end up paying the price. You got a good lawyer who was able to make sure you had a fair trial which is what a lawyer like will do for you. However, you still got convicted. You now have a record. It is not easy to reintegrate into society and get a job.

In fact, most employers do background checks and disqualify candidates that have a criminal record without even digging deeper to understand the reasons for it. This isn’t to say that your life is over after a conviction. You just need to put some pieces together to get a job and move on with your life. In this article, we will go over what it takes to do that. 

1 – Get Some Help

There are a lot of nonprofits that are out there to help ex-convicts to get their lives set up after they have a record. They do things like help you find housing and will look for programs for you in case you have an addiction. 

One way that they help is to help you through the job-hunting process. They will give you some tips on how to interview and will also give you a list of companies that work with people with convictions. 

Definitely make it a point to go to one of these centers and take the time to see what they can do for you. 

2 – Go Back to School

You may already have a degree but you should think about going back to school. If you don’t already have one then you definitely could use one now. When you have the right education then some companies may be willing to overlook the fact that you have a record. 

Right now it is a worker’s job market in that there are a lot of job openings that are not being filled. You could get a job even with a record as long as you have the right prerequisites. 

Think about doing an internship while you are getting the degree and you will give yourself an even bigger leg up. If you can show a company that you are a good worker and would be an asset then it may not matter that you have a record. 

3 – Get Into a Trade

Corporate office jobs are not for everybody. Some people are better suited to working a trade. Not only is the work more in line with their personality, but trades are often not bothered by somebody’s past mistakes. As long as they are good workers they can make a good living. 

A trade is usually something that is recession-proof as your skills are always going to be in demand. Look into trades like electrician, plumber, barber, or welder. It takes some training but once you are done then the work starts pretty much right away. You may even end up making more than your office working peers.

Featured photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash/FAVPNG edited by Mikeshouts.