Peacock Cake & Cupcakes

I am sure in the history of modern cake-making, there had been bakers who had made peacock-inspired cakes. Well, you know what? Whoever have made peacock cakes before August 2019 probably never looked as amazing as this one whipped by custom cake maker Malizzi Cakes & Pastries in Pennsylvania.

Peacock Cake & Cupcakes

At a glance, you may not tell why it is so amazing. But if you look closely, the peacock train (AKA tail) that trails majestically behind the creature perch atop of the three-tier cake is actually made up of individual cupcakes. Now, you see why this is so brilliant? The cake was a custom item for a newly wed last month.

The design is both brilliant and practical. How so? Obvious. Guests will be able to choose to chomp down the cake or cupcakes. Given that most such occasions would have both cake and cupcakes, integrating them into the cake makes for a brilliant cake design choice. Seriously amazing stuff. The Peacock Cake & Cupcakes by Malizzi Cakes & Pastries is an entirely different ballgame from what we have seen thus far.

Images: Malizzi Cakes & Pastries.

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Source: Laughing Squid.