This LEGO model is based on the Milwaukee Art Museum designed by Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. Created by LEGO Ideas member vidaandras, this LEGO MOC Milwaukee Art Museum is carefully thought out model that will have opening and closing wings just like the real deal.

LEGO MOC Milwaukee Art Museum

I have always adore the architecture of MAM and so, when I found out someone has submitted a LEGO version, I know I have to give it a shout out.

Kudos to vidaandras for engineering the LEGO version. While it may just be a render for now, I can see the effort put into creating this majestic and powerful structure in LEGO form. Now if there’s some way to make the opening and closing automated… nah, that will be asking too much. Wouldn’t it?

LEGO MOC Milwaukee Art Museum

Anywho, vidaandras’ LEGO Milwaukee Art Museum have been on LEGO Ideas for awhile now. If you are architecture aficionados and want to see it have a shot in becoming an actual LEGO set, do give this submission your one precious support.

It’s a long shot because, it has just 190+ days left to get from 6,000+ support to 10,000. Come on, folks. Give this model a chance.

Images: LEGO Ideas (vidaandras).

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