Every sports person will know the pain of training during cold weather. Freezing mouth, neck and whatnot. But with Nike Strike Snood, not only you won’t have those problems, it also doubles as a face mask.

Nike Strike Snood

Nike Strike Snood‘s soft fleece protects your lower face and neck from the harsh cold while the Dri-FIT technology incorporated into the material wicks sweat away, so remain warm and dry throughout your routine.

Moreover, the mesh over the mouth affords breathability and also let sound escape, so you’d be able to communicate properly. Finally, there are hooks for snug fit over your ears and a locking draw cord around the back lets you further creates a custom fit.

Nike Strike Snood

Nike Strike Snood is made of polyester and it is machine washable. Nike Strike Snood is not quite a face mask, but I think it should work as a barrier to direct inhalation of moisture in the air. We said it before and we will say it again, a barrier of any form is better than none at all.

Nike Strike Snood sells for US$20. However, last checked, it was sold out.

Nike Strike Snood

Images: Nike.

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