Elon Musk Did Not Wear Cybershoes

Last week, Elon Musk took to Instagram asking his followers if they like the idea of a “CyberSneaker” – a Cybertruck-inspired shoes (duh!) and just a couple of days ago, this particular image (pictured above) surfaced online.

Elon Musk Did Not Wear Cybershoes
Credit: Reddit.

The image was posted on Reddit and by Elon himself on his Instagram page on the same day (however, we do not know who was the originator). We found it on TheThings.com and we knew we have dig into it further because, 2020.

The image, as you can see, features Elon Musk in a Cybertruck-themed getup. The coat and pants with the graffiti-style graphics weren’t the items that made people go ga-ga. It was the footwear – it was the CyberSneaker!

Elon Musk Did Not Wear Cybershoes
Credit: Reddit.

But alas, that wasn’t real. Not even closed. Someone has cleverly photoshopped the Cybertruck getup onto Elon. But I have to admit, there’s possibility that it was real – more so, after Elon surprised the world with his very own EDM track performed by himself (you can hear it HERE).

Anyways, it is confirmed that it was photoshopped. The original photo was from the time when Musk and his electronic-synth musician Grimes attended the 2018 Met Gala. So, no, Cybershoes is not a thing… yet, and you are welcome!

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Here’s the original photo if anyone’s interested:

Elon Musk Grimes 2018 Met Gala
Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images via Vanity Fair.

However, considering how Musk has teased the CyberSneaker and also how the company already has a t-shirt poking fun at its own cracked Cybertruck windows, we wouldn’t be surprise CyberSneaker become a thing.

And here’s the CyberSneaker posted by Elon Musk:

Featured image: Reddit (u/nachocheeze98).

Source: TheThings.com.