ZTE Corporation 5G Robotic Dog

At last year’s China Mobile Global Partner Conference, China communication company and handset maker ZTE Corporation had a so-called “5G+ Industry Applications” area where it demoed 5G applications.

One of the demonstration involved a bio-mimicry robotic dog that looks like much like Boston Dynamicsoriginal robotic dog. The unnamed robotic dog is outfitted with, you guessed it, ZTE’s 5G system, and it is totally capable of avoiding obstacles as it navigates through a maze autonomously.

ZTE Corporation 5G Robotic Dog

The demonstrator robotic dog was meant to show how 5G could be applied to the field of bio-mimicry. That’s pretty much it. And if you ask me, it is a lot of work just to show a particular 5G application.

The robotic dog, which is also referred to as a “5G intelligent inspection quadrupedal robotic dog,” boasts 5G CPE data connections that would see applications in the area of search and rescue, security patrol and more.

Apparently, the robotic dog further touts 8K UHD video capability and drone, and of course, high-speed data transmission. We are not sure by “drone”, does it means it has a deployable drone. If it did, that will be creepy, but awesome at the same time. Skip head to catch the 5G Robotic Dog in action.

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Images: ZTE Corporation [CH].