I am sure you remember Wildcat, the cheetah-like robotic creature that can gallop at a pretty nightmarish 16 mph. Well, if you don’t already know, Boston Dynamics is the outfit responsible for that mechanized creature, plus a slew of other robotic developments. “Spot”, a four-legged self-balancing robot you see here is one of the newer development, which is actually a more compact version of the company’s Big Dog. Unlike its larger counterpart, which is destined for back-breaking tasks like hauling gears for soldiers, “Spot” is primarily designed for lighter missions such as search and rescue and reconnaissance, where speed and agility are required.

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot

What “Spot” can do is pretty much what Fido can; it can walk, run, climb stairs and slopes and traverse across uneven terrain. The difference is, “Spot” here won’t play fetch and neither will it ask for tummy rub. A good thing, I supposed? This robotic creature is powered by an electric motor, as opposed to engine, that runs a series of hydraulic actuators and it uses a series of sensors to enable it to autonomously navigate over different terrains. And did we mention that it has an incredible sense of balance? Like when it was kicked, it won’t fall over like organic creatures do. Pretty impressive, but just don’t give it too much Artificial Intelligence than it should. The last thing we want are robots that can think and replicate themselves, and worst, asking for rights.

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