we said it again and we will say it once more: we don’t always try to shove things into your face that begs you to buy, buy and buy (though we most certainly always do that). that said, we would like you to meet the Wildcat Robot, the latest creation of Massachusetts-based robotics design company, Boston Dynamics. obviously, you won’t be able to buy one of these creatures, erhmm, i mean robots cos’ this magnificent quadruped machine, which is based on Boston Dynamics’ Cheetah robot, was developed with funding from DARPA’s M3 program. if you still haven’t got a clue as to why you can’t lay your hands one of these now, or even in the future (as a hobbyist toy, or whatever), we shall put it straight in your face: the Wildcat Robot is without doubt, destined for the military for whatever application the military sees fit.

this animal-inspired robot did an exceedingly creepy animal like run on flat terrain, demonstrating its ability to bound and gallop at a speed up to 16 mph (about 26 km/h). you can check out its awe-inspiring performance in the embedded video below. though, you might not want to watch it if you have recurring nightmare of mechanical animal chasing after you. no. we are serious because the Wildcat Robot does exhibit extremely fluid movement and stability that may send chills up automatonophobia’s spine. it is beyond doubt that we did get some of those chills, but the geek in us is digging it anyway. very much. catch the video below and do yourself a favor, watch it in HD.

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YouTube via Carscoops

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