need a good reason to hit the beach again and again? then the Moke International Beach Cruiser might be it. well, before we go on, we need to clear the air a little first. the name Beach Cruiser is our doing. Moke didn’t officially grant it the status, but judging from the equipment, we have little doubt about its beach-going intent. for the uninitiated, Moke was originally developed as a military vehicle some twenty years ago. it is now back in the game, collaborating with Chinese automaker Chery Motors and their subsidiary Sicar Engineering, and given a fresh new look by Brit designer Michael Young. apparently, these cars are ready for your taking, albeit being on a low-volume production car with only 1,000 units on offer. from what we read, Moke has its primary sight set on the Australia market (Queensland, perhaps?).

though given a modern touch, its lineage to the original Moke is unmistakable, maintaining the door-less, roof-less and all fun design that beckons one to take it to the beach. further evidence of its beach-going (or any other great adventure) purpose, it has an esky ice cooler for stashing some cold ones and food, as well as a beach-focus dash offering storage solutions such as nets, a clip for newspaper, and a special dog leash holder. the Moke International Beach Cruiser is available in gasoline and electric model that yields a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) and a range of 120 km (75 miles). specifics the drivetrain used in either model are not available, but hey, do you really need to know that? it is all about fun, and not fast and the furious, isn’t that so? speaking of fun, you can have a little fun viewing some images of the Moke in the gallery below.

Moke International via Design Boom

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