don’t scoff at the idea of Damson’s latest claim of the Damson Jet Stereo Wireless Speaker being the first compact wireless real stereo speaker, for it is a pair of Bluetooth stereo speakers with true wireless capability. yes. two separate speakers and yes, completely wireless without – not even a cable between the left and right speakers. music is streamed wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer to the Jet’s left speaker which strips out the left-channel audio and passes along the right channel audio to the right speaker, thereby achieving a true, wide and expansive stereo sound without any wires at all. completing the true wireless package, each speaker is packed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for around four hours of playback in real wireless mode or up to nine hours when wired.

additionally, the speakers can be used individually as mono speaker when not in range of one another. in order to achieve high-quality, full-range sound from a diminutive package, each Jet speaker employs a hybrid driver design that combines a traditional driver optimized for audio above 200Hz and a resonating foot at the base that uses the ‘Incisor Diffusion Technology’. the latter basically turns the surface where the Jet sits on, into a loudspeaker for low-frequency audio. as such, by placing the speakers on varying surfaces will result in different bass response. other highlights include NFC-capable for quick Bluetooth pairing, a 3.5mm audio input for non-Bluetooth sources, a 3.5mm audio output jack for daisy chaining with other Jets, and of course, Bluetooth A2DP wireless streaming with a range of up to 10 meters. available now in the UK for £149.99 and in the US for $199.99 a pair.

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