Kidz Gear Headphones: adult-featured cans for kids

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids 900x900px
(image: Kidz Gear) Kidz Gear Headphones (wired) | US$19.99 |

adults have always enjoy the goodness of personal audio listening but that often leaves kids out in the cold. to this end, real audio cans designed and made for kids are far and few between, and when i said ‘real audio cans’, i meant to say those full-fledge headphones with proper drivers and circuity to create a good sound reproduction. luckily, we have the Kidz Gear Headphones to fill this little gap in the market. beside its obvious smaller size, this children-orientated music cans comes with a free volume limit adapter featuring Kidz Control Volume Limiting Technology, which enables the headphones to deliver a safe volume limited listening experience for children of all ages without damaging their delicate hearings.
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additionally, this pair of cans also feature specially designed child-sized soft-padded ear cups, taking care of the wear-comfort aspect of things. perfect gadget accessory for keeping your kids quiet and contented during a long road trip or even on flights, and not to mention, it could save your precious Beats cans from possible destruction. if you have a multimedia system setup at the backseat of your car, this pair of music cans for kids will be a perfect match. your kids can now watch their favorite cartoon shows in private while not distracting you from your driving routine, so in a way, it kind of promote road safety – indirectly. the Kidz Gear Headphones are now available for just $19.90.

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