Damson Brings Bone Conduction Technology To Consumer Headphones With Headbones

most people love music and most people would love the company of music wherever they go or whatever they are doing, including during activities like cycling and jogging. therein lies the problem. when you have earbuds stuck in your sound holes, you will be less aware of the surrounding, which could be a fairly dangerous […]

Damson Jet Stereo Wireless Speaker

don’t scoff at the idea of Damson’s latest claim of the Damson Jet Stereo Wireless Speaker being the first compact wireless real stereo speaker, for it is a pair of Bluetooth stereo speakers with true wireless capability. yes. two separate speakers and yes, completely wireless without – not even a cable between the left and right speakers.

Damson Oyster Wireless Speaker

we just can’t get enough of sleek wireless speaker and we believe there are like-minded folks who share our sentiments. speaking of which, if you are in the market for the best in form and function, then this sexy-looking Damson Oyster Wireless Speaker is likely to be of your fancy. in place of the traditional oblong or the common cube form, the Oyster Wireless Speaker…

Damson Twist

if you are in the market for a portable, Bluetooth speaker, it’s really not hard to find but few can claim a big sound from its compact package like the Damson Twist. employing Incisor Diffusion Technology, it turns any surface that the Twist sits on into a de facto speaker, delivering rich sound and deep bass that far outsize its compact stature. in short, it is like carrying a huge…