Tesla Men’s Cybertruck Bulletproof T-Shirt

Cybertruck may have its windows shattered in front of millions, but Tesla ain’t going to let anyone forget. The EV maker has immortalized the unforgettable fail on a t-shirt, aptly called Men’s Cybertruck Bulletproof T-Shirt.

Tesla isn’t holding back in poking fun at its own ‘failing’. So yeah, the web-like graphic on the front of the t-shirt was inspired by the unfortunate shattered driver-side windows at the unveiling event.

Tesla Men’s Cybertruck Bulletproof T-Shirt

For those who aren’t aware… a live demonstration of the supposed blast-proof windows went wrong. It shattered the glass. It did when Tesla lead designer, Franz von Holzhausen threw a steel ball bearing at it to demonstrate the strength of the material which it evidently did not possess.

Kudos to Tesla and Musk for accepting the fail and turning it into a business opportunity to sell you a t-shirt.

Speaking of which… the Tesla Men’s Cybertruck Bulletproof T-Shirt is a thing. It is a Tesla merch which you can buy for $45. I am not even kidding.

Well played, Tesla. Well played. Now, the question is, was the graphic based on the front or the back windows? We have to know, damn it.

In case you didn’t catch it, here’s the first shattered glass:

Tesla Cybertruck Shattered Windows

Images: Tesla Motors.

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Source: Techcrunch.