New BAPE x Star Wars Collection Set To Arrive On December 21, 2019

If you are a major fan of BAPE AND also huge on Star Wars, you will want keep a look out for the new BAPE x Star Wars Collection. Do not confuse this upcoming collection with the Baby Milo x Star Wars that was made available since November 30, 2019. They are not the same.

Clever Japanese T-Shirts Give You The Illusion Of A Toned Body

These “illusion mapping t-shirts” from Japanese firm ekoD Works serve the same purpose as the checkered 3D illusion blouse we saw a few years ago. It creates the illusion of having something (namely, physique) you don’t have like, for example, having a toned chest and abs, or in the case of ladies, fuller breasts. The […]

Nike Found Its Way Onto The Stranger Things Hype Train

It is absolutely a no brainer for Nike to get onboard the Stranger Things hype train, cos’ after all, the American sports shoe maker’s raise to popularity was arguably in the 80s (and it has NBA to thank, really). So, yes, Nike x Stranger Things Collection is a thing now. Leveraging on the show’s 80s […]

Here’s A Bunch Of Product(RED) Products You Need To Know About

If you are a fan of Apple’s smartphone, it is likely that you have come across (PRODUCT)RED (officially stylized as (PRODUCT)RED) Apple devices. If that’s the only thing you knew about this collaboration with the global charity organization co-founded by U2 frontman, Bono, well, then you may be in for surprise. Since its inception over […]

These Are The NFL T-Shirts If Football Existed In The Star Wars Universe

Don’t mind Stormtroopers had beyond-terrible aim. Don’t mind that laser weapons were impractically slow and easily deflected by Lightsabers. Don’t mind all those because, it is Star Wars. A wonderful, fantasy-filled universe. But why in the universe there weren’t a galaxy far, far away version of football? Beats me. Notwithstanding the omission, artist Steven Klock […]

Can’t Get Enough Of Weird Fashion? Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt Is Here To Help

Just when we thought Balenciaga is done with weird fashion, we saw this, this t-shirt from the Spanish fashion house. Actually, we should really refer it to as shirts because, as you can see, it is a t-shirt that has a checkered long sleeves stuck to the front. Hence, the name T-Shirt Shirt (not a […]

Winning Designs Become Upcoming Uniqlo Marvel Superheroes T-Shirts

Once again, Uniqlo proves that drawing talents outside of Uniqlo does result in exciting t-shirt print designs. For this upcoming new UT line, Uniqlo is pulling designs from the brand’s Grand Prix 2018 T-shirt design contest that celebrates the superheroes of Marvel. Well, it sucks to be villains, isn’t it? They hardly ever gotten any […]

Uniqlo Teamed Up With Murakami And Doraemon For New Tee Collection

Uniqlo has teamed up with iconic manga series Doraemon and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to incorporate the iconic characters from the series to the brand’s products. The Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection is inspired by the famous Japanese robotic cat with main visual borrowed from Murakami’s work, “Anna koto iina dekitara iina” (a la […]

You Can Put Japan’s Manhole Art On Your Chest With These T-Shirts

Remember the Japanese manhole art culture we reported earlier? Well, much to our surprise, it is not just the Japanese who are drawn to this unusual placement of art. As it turns out, a pair of Irish blokes do too. Enchanted by this strangely attractive, exquisitely detailed manhole covers found randomly on the streets of […]

Can You Really Keep Warm With Just A T-Shirt? Well, Core Tee Thinks It Can

Winter sucks. Among the many inconveniences it brought about, nothing beats the annoyance of having wear thick, chunky winter clothing because, this usually means your collection of awesome tees from the last three seasons will need to go into the cold storage, or not be seen under the layers of puffy winter outwear. Just when […]