Introducing the Bettinardi x G.I. Joe INOVAI 6.0 putter – the ultimate golf weapon with a dose of patriotic flair! It’s got a stainless steel front piece with more stars than G.I. Joe‘s General Hawk and a back piece that’s as American as apple pie.

G.I. Joe x Bettinardi Golf Golf Gear Collection

That’s not all. There’s a G.I. Joe logo up front for that battle-ready look and a snazzy hex-and-stripes pattern in the back. Grip it with a red leather handle that’s as comfy as your favorite recliner, and protect it with a carbon fiber G.I. Joe headcover.

Hurry, though! Only 18 of these bad boys exist worldwide, and you can snag just one. Get out there, tee off, and may your putts hit the mark like a bullseye. No, wait. Actually, that brings us to the bad news. It’s gone. All 18 of it, despite each commanding an unholy US$1,900.

In fact, the entire G.I. Joe x Bettinardi Golf collection appeared to be sold out.

But for the sake of knowledge, you may like to know that the G.I. Joe x Bettinardi Golf Golf Gear Collection also includes a Duke Blade Putter Headcover, a Joe Scarlett Putter Headcover, a Joe Ram Valuables Pouch (basically a tee pouch), a WCW Codename: Skyline Driver Headcover, a Sting Viper Blade Putter Headcover, a Duke Mallet Putter Headcover, a Dass Ball Marker, a WCW Codename: Skyline Short-Sleeve Tee, an Imperial Geysir Cooling Bucket Hat, a Player Towel, a Dass Divot Tool, and a Vessel Player IV Stand Bag which is a whole lot cheaper than the putter, btw, at US$550.

G.I. Joe x Bettinardi Golf Golf Gear Collection

Images: Bettinardi Golf.

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