Airinum Air Mask Keeps Viruses And Pollutants Out When You Are Working Out

Many countries have accepted that COVID-19 is part of their lives and many places have removed the need for a face mask, but I still wear one whenever I am in a crowd. You see, it’s an obsession of mine after watching the Schlieren Imaging on how droplets travel. I was alarmed that we have …

Mutalk: Another Bane-like Mask That Will Keep Your Conversation Private

How did we miss this at last year’s CES? I am talking about Mutalk, a so-called Metaverse soundproof Bluetooth microphone. While we did not feature this last year when it was showcased at CES 2022, it does look awfully familiar because Bloxvox has been doing it since 2018, albeit less elegantly.

Scanning The QR Code On This Mask Will Reveal The Lower Face Of The Wearer

Marina Fujiwara (藤原麻里菜) is a Japanese inventor who is somewhat of a cross between Simone Giertz and Matty Benedetto because her inventions are both useless and hilarious. Her latest creation is not quite useless, though. It is not quite an invention either. It’s just a regular reusable mask with a QR code right smack in …

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