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Bane-like Mask Turns Your Earpiece Into A Hush Hush Audio Mask

It must be a pain for Batman’s arch nemesis Bane to speak because, not many will be able to decipher what he has to say through that mask he had to wear all the time. Similarly, it will be a pain for your coworkers if you continue yakking away on the phone while they just wanted to work in peace, without your annoying voice. In this instant, I am sure they will be glad if you have the Bloxvox on. Bloxvox is similar to Hushme we saw last year (and opposite of Helmfon, which keep noises out), which means it is designed to keep what you are saying private. Continue reading Bane-like Mask Turns Your Earpiece Into A Hush Hush Audio Mask

Meet Hexa, The Face mask That Cleans And Monitors The Air You Breathe

With the increase in industrialization and number of motor vehicles, it is inevitable that the air around us is going get really, really bad and while some can live with it, others may not be so lucky. In fact, no one should live with it because, bad air can potentially cause respiratory issue in long run. This is where Hexa Clean Air Supply Mask comes in. While air filtration mask with built-in fan isn’t new, Hexa is actually the first smart face mask that not only filtrates with powered airflow, but also monitors, in real-time, the air you breathe. Continue reading Meet Hexa, The Face mask That Cleans And Monitors The Air You Breathe

R-PUR May Very Well Be The Mask Motorcyclists Never Knew They Need

Air pollution is serious issue in metropolitan areas. If you are driving in a four-wheeler, i.e. an automobile, you are less exposed to harmful particles in the air because you would have air-conditioning. Motorcycles too have air-conditioning, but in natural form which means, air pollution is going to hit you hard when you are riding a motorbike. If you ask the scooter-riding community in Taiwan, they will tell you the solution is simple: just wear mask. However, you probably don’t want to wear any mask; you want R-PUR. Why? Because it is the first anti- air pollution mask designed specifically for riders and it may very well extend your lifespan. Maybe. Continue reading R-PUR May Very Well Be The Mask Motorcyclists Never Knew They Need

Breaking Bad Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

the appeal of the most-watched American TV drama, Breaking Bad, is far more reaching than you could have imagined. how else could you explain a mask, worn (and signed) by Bryan Cranson and also once donned by Jimmy Fallon and rapper Common, could fetch a mind-boggling $41K when it went up on auction on eBay late last month? and oh, did we mentioned that the mask was signed by the man, himself? while we ponder on how the chemistry teacher-turn-meth maker raised to become the modern day American TV cult hero, there’s yet another Walter White mask, also by Hyperflesh, going under the hammer on eBay. though this particular item, denoted as the Heisenberg Mask #5 of 20, was not worn or signed by Bryan Cranson, but instead, this is signed by artist Landon Meier and numbered. Continue reading Breaking Bad Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks

regardless of how good (or bad) you are in paintball battles, there’s no reason for not looking cool going down or winning. for that extra cool factor, you can get yourself started with some custom paintball masks that will probably make you look more menacing to your enemies than you really are. custom made by Thailand-based ColdBloodArt, which we are pretty sure has no business in cold blooded contract hit jobs, but only to offer paintballers the most awesome and coolest mask/helmet for their battles. they have a bunch of ready custom masks and helmets for your taking – each standard mask features a three-layer fiberglass construction that is said to offer flexible fit and yet strong enough to withstand high impact. well, it is not like somebody is going to shoot bazooka paintball in your face, but we will take the words of master mask and helmet maker, who called himself “Bomb”, for it. Continue reading ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks

get ready for Transformer 3 with the Transformer 3D masks

Transformer 3D Mask from Hasbro/Real-D 544x588px
(image credit: Hasbro/Real-D)

things that marketeers are willing to embarked on to make sure consumers are getting in the swing with their products. case in point: a Transformer 3D masks in the guised of either Optimus Prime or Bumble Bee with working Real-D 3D lenses integrated into them is making their way to the stores. the masks are the results of the collaboration between toy giant Hasbro and Real-D, in hope that movie-goers will have a more immersive 3D experience while catching Transformer 3 this July. it will be a ‘half-face’ mask, thus making sure you still can enjoy your popcorn while you are at the movie. the masks will go on sale this May and cost $9.99 a pop, which you can reuse it for most 3D movies. oh, did i mention that its for kids only? what a downer, isn’t it? i was so looking forward to it.