Marina Fujiwara (藤原麻里菜) is a Japanese inventor who is somewhat of a cross between Simone Giertz and Matty Benedetto because her inventions are both useless and hilarious. Her latest creation is not quite useless, though. It is not quite an invention either. It’s just a regular reusable mask with a QR code right smack in the middle.

QR Code Mask Reveals Your Lower Face

When someone uses a phone to scan the QR code, it will load up a website with an image of the lower face of the mask-wearing person. Once the image is loaded, you can just match the lower face with a mask-wearing person – much like the business card printed with the user’s lower face (which is also from Japan, btw) – and voilà! You now know his/her look.

I can’t say it is not useless but it is sure a fun and simple creation. You can check out Fujiwara-san’s huge portfolio of creations over at her personal website as well as her “Wasted Creation” website. You can also follow her Instagram (@mudazukuri), Twitter (@togenkyoo), Facebook (@fmmudazukuri), and YouTube (MUDA-ZUKURI / Wasted Creation /).

Images: Screengrab from Twitter (@togenkyoo).

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